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Demarcus Cousins being setup by childs mother?

Aug 28, 2019

The Los Angeles Lakers have issued a statement following the allegations:

“We are aware of the allegation involving DeMarcus Cousins and, of course, take this claim seriously. We are in the process of gathering information and will reserve further comment at this time.”

The mother of his child is now seeking a...

Aug 23, 2019

Don't call it a comeback! Off hiatus for one episode to get into this chicken sandwi.... nah we're not doing that. We are talking about all matters concerning Jay Z and Kapernick's differences regarding the NFL. Is Jay wrong? Do we care if Kap has a job? Do we trust Jay? Does Jay have to ask permission? Is Jermaine...

My Beef with Chicken Sandwiches

Aug 20, 2019

August 20, 2019 was the day I first heard of this a chicken sandwich rivalry between Popeye’s Fried Chicken and Chick-fil-A (which I never thought to type before but now I’m disturbed by the spelling). Overall one fast food restaurant claiming to have a better product than the other is business as usual.  What...